March 23, 2021

UNIPAKHELLAS is the “One-Stop-Shop” for all companies seeking corrugated packaging. With our new upgrades and enhanced capabilities since acquiring PAKO and joining it into our group, we have proudly and successfully earned the “+”.

At UNIPAKHELLAS, we invest in elevating the quality of our packaging products. We challenge ourselves to create a wider range of high-quality packaging solutions to meet the needs of our customers.

During the last two years, and since finalizing the acquisition of PAKO, UNIPAKHELLAS took advantage of its extensive expertise and implemented significant upgrades to the quality of boards, quality of printing, and the operating systems. In addition, we took our product portfolio to the next level by adding to our famous agricultural trays, the wrap-around cases, shelf ready packaging, catering and delivery boxes (Pizza boxes, sandwich boxes,…), and bulk bins.

So what changes have we made, post-acquisition, to better our products and services? Take a quick look below.


A complete new corrugating line

A new and complete corrugating line was introduced, replacing the old one and proving that we are traveling in a new direction: one towards Quality as well as performance.


6 colors+ high-resolution Flexographic printing and rotary die-cutting machine

The printing upgrade opened the door for us to produce not only high-resolution agricultural packaging but a wide range of industrial packaging with all their complex structural shapes aiming for shelf impact.


Quality Improvement

Since the finalization of the acquisition, and the implementation of INDEVCO Paper Containers PPPs (Policies, Processes and Procedures), a total cultural shift to quality drove the adoption of the 58-points product quality checklist and widened the Material Inspection scope to cover all materials, the change brought enhancement to the quality of the final product and service.


A totally new ERP system

We have installed a complete ERP suite, therefore automating the full company processes, and linking them together. The upgrade improves the performance all across the board: from secure and faultless data processing, to data analysis for decision-making. In addition, the upgraded system helps streamlining and securing resources management leading to a reduction in inventory variances and an improvement in accuracy, efficiency, and service quality to our customers


Innovation center

With the acquisition, the innovation center of IPC (INDEVCO Paper Containers) is now at the service of PAKO-UNIPAKHELLAS. From advanced structural design skills, prototyping, lab testing, pilot trials to efficiencies studies and implementation, the innovation center will benefit our customers and their more complex packaging and logistical requirements.



Quality is and always will be our aim and goal, which created a positive change of path. We are eager to share our expertise with our customers and earn even more pluses along the way.


To know more about the positive changes and improvements we have implemented, check out the video link here.