UNIPAK designs attractive, innovative and sustainable corrugated displays customized to meet challenging demands.

UNIPAK’s creative design team came up with three different corrugated floor displays for three different products, Trident, Cadbury’s Flake, and Garnier. The corrugated packaging manufacturer, located in Halat, Lebanon, customized the designs according to the different products, characteristics and their area of display.

Garnier Patented Corrugated Promotional Stand

For the Garnier product line, UNIPAK structural team designed a lightweight corrugated promotional stand to reduce packaging material and offer a smart structure that minimizes set-up time in stores and supermarkets. The patented structural stand is easy to handle, carry and deliver.

The display stand is delivered flat, with an integrated pull-out part or tongue. Once pulled, the display pulls itself together without any assembly efforts. The promotional floor stand is practical and tailored to Garnier’s display needs.

Trident & Flake Corrugated Promotional Stands

UNIPAK also designed a floor stand for Trident sugarless chewing gum, in consistency with the brand logo design. The corrugated promotional display has inclined and protruding shelves, allowing the products to be viewed from various angles, using B-flute board to offer long shelf-life cycle and stability.

For Flake, Cadbury’s chocolate line, UNIPAK designed a promotional stand consisting of four shelves of hanging trays, with an attractive header that fits the rounded edges of the stand. The structural design offers stability and is made from B and E-flute corrugated board.

UNIPAK manufactures corrugated shelf ready and retail ready packaging, point-of-purchase (POP) displays, as well as promotional carton boxes for the confectionary and personal care products.

UNIPAK is a member of INDEVCO Paper Containers, a division of the multinational INDEVCO Group.

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