“Yum!” re-approvesUNIPAK as corrugated pizza box supplier to Pizza Hut, a “Yum!” top restaurant brand.

UNIPAK passed the Yum! Quality Assurance Audit and Food Safety re-audit on 23 – 24 November 2011. The food safety certification was originally received in December 2010.

Mahmoud Sallam, Yum! certified Food Safety & Quality System Auditor, conducted the two day audit. The corrugated packaging manufacturer  meets the high quality and food safety standards, in line with its on-going strive for excellence in quality and management systems.

Marwan Diab, UNIPAK General Manager, explains,

“In today’s packaging world, we are witnessing an increasing need for harmonized certification in food safety systems especially amongst global players such as Yum! brands.

As part of UNIPAK?s continuous development strategy in the food and catering packaging sector, the company has recently obtained the Yum! certification with excellence. This certification ensures justified confidence that all necessary measures are taken to guarantee food safety throughout the different links of the supply chain.

Furthermore, this certification has helped us, not only gain accessibility to new multinationals and geographic markets, but also have the highest industry standards in the area of pest control, sanitation, operations and facility management, good manufacturing practices and product protection, as well as recovery and food security.

Certifications, such as that of Yum!, have always been key success factors in driving continuous quality improvement across our organization.”

In addition to pizza boxes, UNIPAK manufactures other corrugated packaging for the catering sector, such as cup carry-out trays, double-decker pizza boxessingle serve takeout boxes, and takeout boxes for meals.

About Yum! Rigorous Supplier Approval System

Yum! Brands Inc., based in Louisville, Ky., has over 36,000 restaurants in over 117 countries and territories, making it the world?s largest restaurant company in terms of system restaurants. Yum! restaurant brands, including Pizza Hut, KFC, and Taco Bell, are among global leaders.

Yum! selects suppliers based on the industry-renowned Supplier Tracking and Recognition (STAR) system. The audit system focuses on key focal points: good manufacturing practices and product protection, operations and facility management, recovery and food security, pest control, and sanitation.

Yum! searches for suppliers that demonstrate excellent performance in food safety and security practices, as well as quality control in management processes.

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