EASTERNPAK develops a sustainable grocery delivery box for a leading grocery chain.

EASTERNPAK’s collaboration with a leading player in the grocery retail sector, has resulted in an innovative packaging solution for online grocery shopping.

The Grocery Box is the perfect grocery delivery solution, with its functionality being especially favorable amidst the safety and hygiene measures imposed by COVID-19. The Grocery Box is designed to help grocery store chains organize delivery orders, enabling their customers to shop from the comfort of their own home. As corrugated cardboard is the material used to make the grocery box, it is deemed the most convenient during this pandemic, based on the studies showing that COVID-19 has the shortest lifespan on this specific material.

Produced from recycled material or fully recycled material, this box lays flat on an order preparation table and wraps itself around the goods it needs to protect. Closing the box does not require any taping or gluing, in this way reducing the effort it takes to close it as well as adding to its sustainability. For more detailed information, you can view our product datasheet on our website.

Being the grocery hub it is, our client found its ultimate grocery delivery solution at EASTERNPAK.

Sustainability, originality, and practicality were the main factors taken into account upon customization of the Grocery Box. With that notion, EASTERNPAK’s Executive Director says: “This box represents efficiency and sustainability, and the mechanism used enables consumers to fully benefit from this hands-on packaging solution.”

With this innovation, EASTERNPAK was able to meet the needs of its customers, and accomplish the pioneering sustainability targets it had set for itself, eventually serving the buyers on a larger scale. We are optimistic and hopeful for other prosperous partnerships in the long run.